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Unplug to find peace


A program has slowly been hacked on your computer

Your human nature has almost been deleted

You suddenly pierce your iron fist in your iPhone

You have compensated for your suffering with tech gear

Out of fear you obeyed voices you couldn’t hear

You are a human robot, evolved by software engineers

They welcomed you to a casino where time is cash

You can bet as much as you want but can never win it back

They pushed you to display your everyday adventures

They predicted every single move your mind made

Selling you goods you never needed

As are co-creator of an endless loop of loneliness

A business model built on existential nihilism

If this is the holy grail it is empty

Have your love affair with technology made you addicted?

If you look for peace it’s not online

Look up from your phone and wave to Elon’s pigeons

Forgive a devil and dance with a dragon

Program yourself to create a wonderful world

A bridge to peace can anyone reach

When the mind is unleashed

From the cage of invented identity

From dishonest likes without sympathy

From the illusion of happiness is consumption

From power as an excuse for corruption

From doctors in disguise taking lives

From never smiling to your loved one’s eyes

From yelling at a stranger

From hitting someone in anger

From entering politics as an entertainer 

From unleashing nuclear danger

Life begins the day you are present

Unplug and calm your mind, servant

/Jesper Munk Jakobsen

Du kan støtte poesien herunder eller på MobilePay: 61 45 40 71 – Hvis du får lyst

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