Spring is coming


Your presence still brings out color to my skin

Golden locks flutter in the wind

Those green eyes can cause any faded flower to rise

The memory of your touch reveals my civilian disguise

Dancing with the devil has caused my soul suffering

But baby, I am recovering

Sometimes I hear a buried bird sing

Just when I listen to my breathing

It’s love within

Where have you been?

In everything

I feel the spring


/Jesper Munk Jakobsen

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2 Kommentarer

Jan · april 1, 2022 kl. 9:08 pm

Smukt om det menneskelige forår og det forårsagtige menneske 🙂

Jan · april 1, 2022 kl. 9:09 pm

Meget smukt om deet forårsagtige menneske og det menneskelige forår…

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