Psychotherapy in English

In 2022, I started a four-year education as a coach and psychotherapist at Life Academy. I am now halfway through. My motivation for my approach to therapy is to contribute to inner peace and an easier life. How do we find inner peace and create an easier existence? In recognition that existence and life are full of suffering.

My approach to therapy is based on NLP. Buddhism is also inspiring me in the form of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh, spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle, and compassion-focused therapy. My wish is for you to be able to take the therapy out of the therapy room and apply it to yourself in your daily life. That means being aware of your thoughts, feelings, behavior, and who you are.

I provide therapy in several areas:

Grief and suffering

Inner peace

Stress and balance in life

The feeling of not being good enough


Telefon: 61 45 40 71

Pris for individuel terapi:

1 samtale på 60 min. 350 kr.

5 samtaler på 60 min. 1250 kr.

I am based in Aarhus at Rosensgade 15, 3rd floor: