Our common weakness


Don’t forget our common weakness

Ignorance infiltrated by our own self-centered sickness

This age faces the book of thousand faces

A black hole where every word sounds like emptiness

Wasted in the gloom

Carrying our doom

Somehow, it’s like everyone is telling the youth

Me, myself and I are the only truth

We hold on to a saying about, suffering never can last

But misery moments repeat themselves if we clone the past

Let us try to close our blind eye

And fly into the sky

To understand why everyone always is preoccupied

Why our hearts hurt and our brains are fried

There never is enough time to deliver universal love

To the victims of our wars who has lost all hope

We stress instead to stack up piles of useless goods

While bombs destroy other families’ neighborhoods

Where children have lost their parents for a selfish reason

Paying the highest price for the privileged parents treason

/Jesper Munk Jakobsen

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