July 5, 2020

We don’t want darkness in its essence. We will wish never to lose someone we love, never to get a disease, and never to get old. But is that possible? Some people will try to ignore that fact and believe it will never happen for them. They believe that if they ignore the darkness of life it will never appear. Others will feel the darkness and say, how can I make it disappear as quickly as possible?

Those people will try and give you the same medicine and not let you feel suffering and grief. They believe it will cure you. But some of us, don’t believe in a cure and we don’t ask for one. No one can bring a dead person back to life, make your life disease go away, or make you younger. Instead, they could do something else – Listening.

Listening takes inner peace, patience, empathy, and most of all courage to let the darkness be and feel it, with you – And together you both will feel the love too. Because the reason we feel darkness is the light.

Don’t try to ignore or take away someone’s darkness. You probably can’t and instead, you might take away their love. Maybe it is time that we feel the darkness together with others. Let the darkness be and I swear you will feel the love too. And then compassionate actions will follow.


Let my darkness be (poem)

Let me be

And the darkness that has shaped me

Don’t you touch it

It’s a part of me

The air my lungs breath

The darkness they release

I ask you to let it be, be me

The darkness sets the light free, believe me

It cares for me

Surrounds me

Listens to me


Follows every view of the world I see

Simultaneously we breathe and release, poetry

Because the darkness loves me, McCartney



/Jesper Munk Jakobsen


You can hear me read the poem here:


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