May 17, 2020

At the northwest coast of Denmark in the small town Løkken not far from my parent’s summerhouse, I was sitting 50 meters from a bunker which carried a large canon in the Second World War. Built by the Germans for defense by killing. Now this place is all peace, quiet, and beauty.

As the world should and could be.

Just listen (Poem)


And listen

It’s the sound of world

World is sounds

If we listen

The wind whispers wisdom

Without you mentioning anything

Just listen

It is spring

Water springing from a fountain carried away by the wind

Walk away


The water in the wind would not feel your disappearance

Close your eyes

Breath in

And listen


Something is bouncing



Crying, within


Listen to the sound

It’s you, isn’t it?

It is you

Like the wind

Carrying the water from a fountain in the spring

You will one day be missing

Like everything


Just listen


/Jesper Munk Jakobsen

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